Vaughn Brandies welcomes the opportunity to get to know you and present our designs, expertise and service to you. It is our desire to enhance your project.

Natural stone flooring will last for your lifetime and we are honored to have the opportunity to provide beauty in your life. Please allow me to describe the steps that we follow to help guide you from start to finish.

Vaughn Brandies LLC is a design and procurement company specializing in refined floor designs and other architectural embellishments in natural stone where the texture and finish are essential. The founder, John Brandies, draws upon his formal education in architecture for which he received a Master of Architecture. His experience includes designing luxury homes across the globe, restaurants & bars, historic and commercial projects, and dimension stone detailing. Projects are followed from design to implementation. John realized that he had a special talent for understanding materials in their ability to create an emotional engagement.

John often tells the story of walking down the historic brick avenue on a spring morning and realizing upon the bricks there is a pattern of one or three or four indentations on the surface. He realized the marks upon the bricks were from the hands of the people who stacked damp clay bricks to be fired in the kiln to become hardened. John often states, “If you can see the pattern of the man in the material that makes the road, then you’ll see larger patterns in life.”

Dedicated to the perfection of design, fabrication, and installation, Vaughn Brandies is invoking an emotional response between mankind and materials of our built environment. Our services are offered to select clients by appointment.



If you can see the pattern of man in the material that makes the road, then you’ll see larger patterns in life.
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